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"Praise to the Creator" ... This is the title I chose for this site, which aims, through photos of nature, to thank and praise the One who by speech, there was the world ...

This site is mainly devoted to the macro, you'll find pictures of insects, flowers, as well as pictures of animals, landscapes, and Jerusalem. This site aims to encourage visitors to think about the world around, and find a project wherever he shall lay his eyes.

Photograph the tiny world and understand how great is his Creator ...


We often think that our eyes are like cameras wonderfully effective, and it's true.  But they are very simple compared to the compound eyes of insects. We talk about aspects because each is composed of thousands of small individual eyes.  Dragonflies, for example, are guided by huge compound eyes, each containing up to 30,000 separate lenses!

The eyes of many insects record the details that the human eye can see. We see in daylight, but not under ultraviolet light. Many flowers rely on ultraviolet vision to attract bees pollennisatrices. The position of the nectar inside the flowers is indicated by lines known as honey guides (like the landing lights on an airport runway) which are visible only in ultraviolet light.


Although most insects have eyes, vision plays an often less than the smells and tastes in their understanding of the surrounding world. Ants leave a chemical trace, and always touching to pass the smell. This world of smells and tastes also includes vibration and sounds undetectable to humans. These vibrations can be received either by genuine well-formed ears, or by the antennas. The front legs of crickets have a small bulge just below the knee which is their ears and is extremely sensitive to sound vibrations, rather than the human eardrum. Do not underestimate the long, thin antennae that hover in front of the insects, the words can not describe their wonder. The male emperor moth, has branches so sensitive they can detect the scent special chemical produced by the female several kilometers away!


We do touch on the list of wonders of the insect world, their ability to fly, their digestive systems, their legs thin as the son of cotton and yet muscular (muscles of the legs of locusts are about 1000 times more powerful than their human equivalents) defense mechanisms by camouflage and disguise ... just take the time to look, think and be dazzled by the work of the Creator ...


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David Guedj

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