We are in October 2005, with family, some friends, with a good cup of coffee in the comfort of the lounge. " My wife told me: "David, it's almost your birthday, 40 years worth celebrating, what a gift we will offer you so!"

"Exactly, the last few days I asked myself, what a gift for my 40? ... And I want to buy a camera!"

"A camera? Said my friend, but we never saw thee take pictures, I were you I give myself a great trip for your 40 years ..."

"He may be right ... I never took photos of my life ... not even a Polaroid ... but ... I decided for my 40th birthday I prefer a camera was a trip!"

This gift is for me the beginning of a long journey ... In general, when started, it pounces on anything that moves, then there is a style of picture comes up regularly, I soon felt attracted by the macro, and in February 2007, I bought my first macro lens ..

This world is full of wonders, let us contemplate, take time to enjoy and remember to thank ...



Nikon D50 - Nikon D200


Nikon 18-55 mm

Nikon 60mm Micro

Sigma Macro 150mm

Sigma 10-20mm

Tamron 18-70mm

Sigma 70-300mm


SB600 - Kenko rings

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